10.9 Globalization and a Changing Global Environment (1990–PRESENT)

Below you will find datasets, lesson plans, and modules to use in the classroom

(10.9a) ESRI GeoInquiry: Running hot and cold

Explore how latitude, elevation, and proximity to the ocean influence temperature patterns in the world’s tropical, temperate, and polar zones.

(10.9a) ESRI GeoInquiry: Growing Pains

A comparison of the processes and implications of population growth in one of the world’s
fastest-growing regions, sub-Saharan Africa, and the slowest-growing region, Europe.

(10.9a) ESRI GeoInquiry: North American trade

Explore the imports, exports, trade, and GNI of countries in North America.

(10.9a) ESRI GeoInquiry: Central American Population

Evaluate population increase in Central America over the past two decades.

(10.9b) ESRI GeoInquiry: Earth moves

Examine seismic and volcanic activity patterns around the world relative to tectonic plate
boundaries, physical features on the earth’s surface, and cities at risk.

(10.9b) ESRI GeoInquiry: Standards of Living

A comparison of the standards of living in the world’s fastest- and slowest-growing regions.

(10.9b) ESRI GeoInquiry: Cities at risk

Examine the proximity of major cities around the world to active volcanoes to identify cities
at risk.

(10.9c) ESRI GeoInquiry: Life on the edge

Analyze population density, plate boundaries, volcanoes, and earthquake activity, identifying
areas of subduction along plate boundaries in South and Southeast Asia.

(10.9c) ESRI GeoInquiry: Seasonal differences

Observe patterns of monsoon rainfall in South Asia and analyze the relationship of those patterns
to the region’s physical features and agriculture.

(10.9c) ESRI GeoInquiry: GDP Per Capita

Explore the GDP per capita relative to the %GDP by sector.

(10.9d) ESRI GeoInquiry: Crossing the Line

Exploration of the nature and significance of international political boundaries through an
investigation of contemporary political boundaries.

(10.9c) ESRI GeoInquiry: Water world

Investigate changes that might occur to the surface of the earth if the major ice sheets of
Antarctica melted.

(10.9c) ESRI GeoInquiry: Net Migration

Identify countries with a net migration that is less than -4.